Business Support

There will be no vehicular access to the event are once the full road closures are in place. This is likely to affect accommodation providers situated on Foreshore Road, West Pier, Sandside, and Quay Street.

It is recommended that you use one of the surrounding parking places while access to your property is restricted.

You will be affected by the Event on Saturday 24 June if you have a business in the following areas:

  • Spa Forecourt
  • Spa Drive
  • Foreshore Road
  • Blands Cliff
  • Eastborough (from Globe Street down to Sandside)
  • West Pier Car Park
  • Sandside
  • Quay Street
  • East Pier
  • Vincent Pier

It will not be possible for any vehicle to access these streets on Saturday 24 June whilst the event is being setup, during the event and during de-rig. Timings may change.

We would advise that any deliveries within these restricted periods are re-scheduled.