The event is in close proximity to the town centre with a large number of hotels and restaurants available.

We recommend that you plan your journey in advance and where possible avoid travelling on the Saturday. You should check travel information below on how to get to Armed Forces Day National Event (AFDNE) in Scarborough.

RAF Officer

Travel Information

Information regarding travelling to and particularly parking for the event will be publicised as follows:

Scarborough Borough Council Parking

Official Tourism website

We will also be providing travel and parking updates through social media and working with North Yorkshire County Council and Local Press and Radio

North Yorkshire County Council website

North Yorkshire County Council, as the Highway Authority, already provide links to all forms of public transport on their web site which enables it to always maintain the most accurate and up to date information.


The Pay and Display car parks available in Scarborough that can service the event venue can be found on our event map.

To complement these spaces there are 445 Pay and Display spaces on Royal Albert Drive. In addition, there are over 650 on street charging spaces operated by North Yorkshire County Council all of which are located within easy walking distance of the event.

There are over 6,000 free time clock controlled spaces around the town centre, with free parking ranging from 1-3 hours.

There are a further 1,300+ town centre spaces operated at:

Coach parking is available at Esplanade, William Street and Scalby Mills (in excess of 40 spaces) and coach drop-off/pickup facilities are available on Valley Road.

There are the two park and ride sites on the A165 and A64 adding well in excess of a 1000 parking spaces to the available space. The Park and Ride service runs every 10-15 minutes from both Park and Ride sites to the temporary bus stop on Vernon Road.

Getting here by car

If you’re travelling by car take care to plan your journey and allow sufficient time or indeed arrive the day before.

Vechicles arriving from the North

If travelling from the North of the Country then take the A170 from Middlesbrough via Guisborough and Whitby to arrive in Scarborough. Traffic arriving from along the A170 from Whitby direction will be able to drive and park on to part of the Royal Albert Drive but there will be no through route or access beyond Albert Road.

Motorists will be advised in advance of the closures of Marine Drive, Royal Albert Drive, Foreshore Road and Sandside and will be directed to the main arterial routes A64 – York, A165 – Bridlington and Hull.


Traffic arriving from the South along the A165 from Bridlington/Hull direction will be advised in advance of the closures of Marine Drive, Royal Albert Drive, Foreshore Road and Sandside and will be directed to the main arterial routes A64 – York, A170 – Whitby.


Traffic arriving from the West will be able to do so via the A170 from Thirsk passing through Helmsley, Pickering and Thornton Dale before arriving into the Town Centre via Falsgrave.

Arriving by train

Scarborough Station is just under two miles from the main Event Area.

We will be providing further information regarding train times and train capacities on this page in due course.

Leaving the event

Event activities are scheduled to complete at 6pm.

After this time, exhibits and displays will be dismantled, and gradually removed from site. The road closure will remain in place to enable this.

Most removals are expected to be complete on the Saturday by midnight but in some areas these are expected to last until later on the Sunday.

Vechicle Exit Routes

Exit routes will be as per the standard direction signs and these routes are well sign posted throughout the town.

Media, Press and Radio

Prior to the event, press releases will be issued to the media who will provide information on travelling to the event.

On the day of the event, information will be given live to the local Radio station from the car parks to broadcast on the regular traffic line bulletins.